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Last week we got the opportunity to get our hands on The Evil Within 2, the latest horror game from Bethesda and the sequel to 2014’s The Evil Within. We thoroughly enjoyed what we played as the levels seem less linear than The Evil Within’s last outing. There is some pretty awesome action...

We are always updating the Green Man Gaming store with new titles. To keep you up to date with the latest additions we thought we would give you a peek at what has been added. So without further a-do here are the latest games to be added to the Green Man Gaming store. Stellaris: Synthetic...

Nier: Automata, the action RPG from Square Enix and Platinum Games has hit a huge milestone, with two million shipments and digital sales across the globe. The game released on PS4 and PC earlier this year and Square Enix is celebrating this milestone by offering 35% off on Steam until 25th...

The update for Rainbow Six Siege for the PlayStation 4 has been released and players have reported several issues. These include, Reports that the update has caused the PS4 system to crash, this occurs especially when inviting players to a party

The post Rainbow Six Siege PS4 Update Causing...

Slow Clap studios, the developers behind Absolver are rolling out a new update for the game today. The updates addresses bug fixes due to a powers/items loss issue, crashes during boss cutscenes and disconnection issues during combat trials. The update also features new Devolver-themed masks, so...

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